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 News

Welcome to Enjoy the Autumn Scenery in NPU!

2022-11-07 15:54  

Winter goes and summer comes, we harvest in autumn and store in winter.

As time goes on, we are intoxicated with the beauty of NPU.

Our school shrouded in autumn

Shows blue and green in a deep way,

Golden yellow in a shining way,

Orange in a free way,

And red in a passionate way.


Still or moving, we can get a beautiful view with each step.

Hurry up!

Let’s capture the autumn together,

And enjoy the beauty that only exists at NPU.

Deep “Blue and Green”

“The sky is blue and scattered with clouds.

The ground is covered with yellow leaves.

Autumn ambience shrouds rolling waves.

A cold greenish mist is above the ripples.”

Walking on the campus,

We can see the blue sky, white clouds, blue waves and green trees.

Library, teaching building and walkway,

They are all in blue and green,

And the scenery is picturesque and attractive.

Shining “Golden and Yellow”

Golden leaves look like fans and yellow palms,

“Yellow ginkgo leaves on the ground are telling you that this year is reaching the end”.

The tree is golden yellow, and we are under the tree.


Free “Orange”

“The persimmons have turned yellow,

and the people all compete for the harvest in autumn.”

Look! It’s already late autumn!

The sweet persimmon on the treetops is overripe,

The orange campus is filled with harvest and gentleness.

Impassioned “Red”

All the leaves turned red, and reflected on the He Zun,

The maple leaves fly when the breeze blows.

We stand under the red leaves

And send our yearnings for the distant place.

Bleak “Brown and Black”

“The frost always urges the falling leaves and half of the tree has been empty now.”

The autumn scenery seems always has a bleak atmosphere,

But what we should realize is that

Falling leaves return to the root is for the better meeting in the next year.

This is an autumn filled with various colors!

In front of the building, along the road, next to the plane,

The sound of reading, laughing and walking,

Our campus is colorful,

Our life is true and beautiful!


Translator: Ma Le


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