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 News

Quiet, Progressive, Energetic…… Beautiful Nights in NPU

2022-12-08 11:54  

Have you ever observed NPU at night

Library with still flashing lights

Shining stars on the surface of Qizhen Lake


Quiet, progressive, energetic nights

Did you feel it?

The long nights

Are exactly the good time for NPUers to practice.

It's a long way,

Only continuous progress can reach your dream.

In the teaching buildings, in the dormitory, in the library ……

The students never stop writing and climbing up to the peak.

Footprints on the runways, are the speed of the young.

Bodies jumping under the basket, are the vigor of youth.

Playground at night,

Symbols the freshness after a long run,

Holds the release of pleasure after sweating.

Training at night,

Is the solemn silence of the National Flag Group,

Is the passionate music of the music group,

Is the elegant moves of the dance group

Is the humorous jokes of the crosstalk club.

The nights make us focus more on our own worlds,

We can travel in the ocean of knowledge,

Improve ourselves in various experiments.

Each dormancy at night,

Is about meeting a better ourselves.

A whole day of studying ends at late night

And the wind on winter nights is freezing.

However, these places can warm our hearts.

“Here you are, enjoy your food!”

Once come out from the east buildings,

We can directly walk into the night market of Yuntianyuan Canteen.

Our canteen staff pass the delicious food

To the students who need warm.

Fried rice cakes, kebabs, fried rice……

Feeling the heat of the meal box, we can feel happy at once!

Egg pie cake suppose to be NPUers’ favorite,

When night falls, there are long queues.

bending, cooking......

In less than two minutes,

An egg pie cake can be passed to your hand.

There are also many "late night canteens" opening for NPUers,

Only when you are full can you continue to move forward.

NPUers, where will you eat tonight?

They are guardians against the night wind.

They bring peace and cleanliness to the campus with hard work.

What company them are night lights, bright moons and stars.

Wish them all healthy and happy!

The weather is becoming colder,

Cats in the campus also began to look for warm places.

The kind-hearted NPUers gave them warm nests.

Look! They are having sweet dreams!

Wish you who are looking up to the starlight,

Be persistent and never give up.

NPU will always be with you,

Working together and holding each other.

Wish you a good night, see you tomorrow.

Source: NPU News


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