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 News

Northwest University and Northwestern Polytechnical University Held an Exchange Meeting on Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education

2022-12-13 11:42  

On November 10th, 2022, Northwest University (NWU) and Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) held an online meeting on Sino-foreign cooperative education.

Attendees from NWU respectively are Ren Huilian, Director of the Office of International Cooperation, Zhao Jinzhe, Deputy Director of the Party Committee of Students’ Work, Kou Nan, Vice Dean of Graduate School, Wang A’ni, Deputy Director of the Office of Finance, Li Wei, Secretary of Party Committee of School of Cultural Heritage and Director of Party Branch of NWU-Salento Facolta di Beni Culturali e Arte, Li Kang, Vice Dean of School of Information Technology, He Wei, Vice Dean of the School of Life Sciences, Yang Zhiwen, Director of Academic Affairs Office, Jia Lajiang, General Manager of Northwest University Logistics Group. Attendees from NPU were Chen Jun, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Office, Fan Xiaoli, Dean of QMES, Dai Fuping, Secretary of QMES Party Committee and Vice Dean of QMES, Cheng Yin, Deputy Secretary of QMES Party Committee and Vice Dean of QMES, and other staff members. The meeting was presided over by Ren Huilian.

Ren Huilian and Chen Jun respectively introduced the participants from two universities and made a brief introduction to the respective conditions of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. Then, Li Wei introduced NWU-Salento Facolta di Beni Culturali e Arte, a Sino-foreign cooperative education institution of NWU with a Non-independent legal entity. Li Kang elaborated on the undergraduate education program of Electronic Information Sciences and Technology jointly organized by NWU and the University of Essex in the UK. Fan Xiaoli introduced the school development, recruitment, students’ academic performance and graduates’ development of QMES.

The two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanged valuable experiences on the operation of Sino-foreign cooperation in running projects and institutions, financial system, training of Chinese and foreign teachers, scientific research cooperation, Party construction, ideological and political curriculum construction, assurance of teaching quality against the backdrop of COVID-19, student management and other related topics, which provided solutions to the problems both parts encountered in the course of running schools.

Ren Huilian noted that NPU had accumulated rich experience in the field of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, and the two universities should carry out more profound exchanges and cooperation, so as to promote the comprehensive and diversified development of students.

Chen Jun pointed out that Sino-foreign cooperative education, as the most basic and significant form of bringing in high-quality international education resources, went beyond the benefits of enhancing the international image of universities and promoting the construction of first-class disciplines, and it was also an effective way of cultivating the international talents. The two universities will work together to promote the high-quality development of Sino-foreign cooperative education and nurture more international talents with innovative abilities.

Text: Zhang Han

Editor: Wu Sijia

Translator: Liu Yang

Review: Fan Xiaoli


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