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Interview With the Winner of the 2022 Undergraduate Student Awards from QMES

2022-12-13 14:37  

Four students from QMES, Li Can and Liu Yinuo from the class of 2019, Li Ziqian and Xu Weihang from the class of 2020 received the 2021-2022 University-level Undergraduate Single Award of Moral Star, Academic Star and Art Star.

In order to let more students understand the deeds of models and learn from the experience of award-winning students, QMES Committee launched a special presentation of individual award winners, so that more students can understand the growth history of outstanding students and join the ranks of excellence and pioneering.

Moral Star - Li Can

Class of 2019

He is a preparatory member of the Communist Party of China and is currently a class leader and class commissary in charge of publicity of the major of Materials Science and Engineering, the general leader of academic assistance work of QMES, the secretary of the QM011902 Youth League Branch, the leader of the International Advanced Math Module Construction Project of QMES. He has won 10 scholarships, including the National Scholarship, Wu Yajun Second Prize Scholarship, etc. He has participated in various works of QMES and achieved certain results in publicity and academic assistance work. He also participated in online and offline teaching assistance work this year. At the same time, he actively took part in various voluntary services. He served as a volunteer at QMES during the period of prevention and control of COVID-19 many times. The number of his volunteer services ranks among the top ten of NPU. His volunteer service duration exceeds 800 hours. He was awarded the honorary title of Outstanding Communist Youth League Member and Youth Pioneer of Fighting Against COVID-19. In terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, he won the national second prize in the Higher Education Press Cup Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling. His team won the bronze medal in the 7th “Internet+” International College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the gold award in the 8th “Internet+” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Shaanxi Province. He published two SCI papers as the main author. The College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Project under his charge won the provincial excellent concluding and national key project approval.

Moral Star- Li Ziqian  

Class of 2020

She is the executive president of the College Student Union, a member of the Youth League Committee of QMES, and the secretary of the QM012002 Youth League Branch. She was selected for the “Ao Xiang Student Backbone Program” and organized more than ten ideological and political Youth League activities. As the head of the social practice team, she carried out a series of public welfare construction projects. She also participated in Red Scarf Lecture series activities hosted by the Xi’an Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and Xi’an Young Pioneers Working Commission, and jointly organized by Xi’an Youth Palace and Education Bureau of Beilin District, Xi’an, Shannxi Province. She also carried out “Internet +” ideological and political courses in Yongning Primary School in Beilin District. She organized and established two social practice bases in 2022 and published 38 press releases. There are four social practice projects of her being selected to “Bringing Culture, Technology and Healthcare Skills to Rural Areas Stories on Camera”. The practice teams led by her were shortlisted in the top 100 practice teams in China. And the research reports have won the national excellent research report. She assisted the Wenchuan County Bureau of Education to promote the popularization of mandarin and received 4 replies and thank-you letters from Xi’an Youth Palace and the Party School of Communist Party of the Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture of Aba in Sichuan. As a member of the sixth “Maker Class” and a core member of the Ao Xiang Maker Space team, she participated in various innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and won 2 international awards, 3 national awards, and more than 20 provincial and school-level awards.

Art Star- Xu Weihang  

Class of 2020

He is a member of the Bureau of the College Student Union, the class leader of QM012006, a member of the swimming team and rescue team of NPU and the head of the student film and television team HXStudio. He used to be a commissary in charge of class organization, and the head of the new media department of ISA. He won the honorary title of “Top Ten Class Leaders of NPU” and was awarded as the Outstanding Communist Youth League Member. In addition to studying, he also focuses on cultivating comprehensive qualities in the aspects of art and sports. He once served as the president of the Chengdu Branch of YTM International. He has won the first prize in the 5th Star Cup English Speech Contest of NPU and the special prize in the Final of the English Speech Contest for Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Students in Shaanxi Province. He has led the college delegations to participate in the international student exchange forums held by Sichuan University - Pittsburgh Institute and Glasgow College, UESTC many times. He actively takes part in sports activities and keeps swimming for 14 years. He won the national second-class swimmer in senior high school. His hobbies are photography, film and television production. He made the promotional video “QMES Impression” of QMES. He also produced the official anti-epidemic MV “Against the Wind” of NPU as the director and made the official anti-epidemic documentary “Fighting Against COVID-19” of QMES as a supervisor. As the chief director, he produced the Guangdong special promotional film “The Planes Runner” of NPU in 2023. As a photographer and digital image engineer, he participated in the filming of the Beijing Film Academy micro-film “A Letter to V” awarded the Xianli Prize. He also participated in the filming of the Beijing Film Academy micro-film “Online Courses” as a digital image engineer and stills photographer and the filming of the Beijing Film Academy micro-documentary “Emergency Ward”.

Academic Star- Liu Yinuo

Class of 2019

She is a commissary in charge of the studies of students of the Materials Science and Engineering major of 2019. She was the vice minister of Volunteer Service Department of College Student Union. She was awarded 20 honorary titles including “Excellent College Student Model”. She has won 9 scholarships, including national scholarship, Yuanhang scholarship and special scholarship at the university level. Her grades always remained at the top and her overall score in the first three academic years is ranked 5/121. She has won 13 awards of above-university discipline competitions and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, including the provincial gold medal of the Internet + College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, etc. She also presided over a National College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project and obtained an excellent concluding of it. She has received PhD recommendation from the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Text: Li Ziqian, Xu Weihang, Li Can, Liu Yinuo

Picture: Li Ziqian, Xu Weihang, Li Can, Liu Yinuo

Graphic editor: Wu Sijia

Responsible editor: Xu Weihang

Review: Cheng Yin

Translator: Li Qianqian


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