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 News

From A to Z, the Story of NPUers

2023-01-05 14:59  

Three Two One! Here comes our stories in NPU,

Every photo, every story, is the most unique memory in NPUers’ hearts.

Little by little, an unforgettable and happy life in NPU was built.

Let’s follow the alphabet,

Review the stories of youth that we have engraved on our hearts.



Is the month which we start our stories from.

Our dreams start here,

With longing and hope,

We move forward to our appointment with NPU.


Various flowers in spring and the moon in autumn,

Cool wind in summer and snow in winter.

The four seasons change campus views every year,

And there is always incomparable beauty in NPU.


Right here,

We accept challenges.

We go beyond ourselves during cooperation,

And gain growth step by step.


With dreams in our hearts,

Here at NPU,

We can spread our wings and fly in the sky.


In the gym and on the playground,

We sweat and

Bloom our youth.


Our journey is the stars and the sea,

We chase a bright and beautiful future.


The persimmons are red,

Memories of NPU are on the branches.

The teachers and students gather together,

Share the joy of harvest.

Wish you and I,

Everything came off satisfactorily.


NPU History Museum is the spiritual home of each NPUer,

It educates us to “keep our original heart”.


We look for the memories from the past,

And tell stories of NPU.


Thinking independently,

And exploring unknown things,

NPUers always strive forward in the way of scientific research.


Separation is always in June.

Youth without question,

Time has its own beauty.

Wish you a bright future.


Keep trying all the time,

Our life should be without slacking.


The first glimmer of light broke through the clouds,

The last sunset fell on the mountaintop.

Daily small accumulation will determine the final result,

That’s our answer.


Walk side by side,

Win together with your mate,

Flowers are all the way.


Thousands of us,

Form unique NPUers!


It’s what we want,

That we keep persuing.


Hello, NPUers!

Wish you

Never forget your original intention,

Always keep your original heart.

Quest &Scientific Research

There is no royal road to science,

Only those who are not afraid to climb along the steep mountain path

can hope to reach the glorious peak.

Scientific research

NPUers has always been on the way.


The school motto of “Loyalty, Integrity, Courage and Perseverance” 

and the spirit of “ Strong Preparation, Diligent Effort, Practical Attitude, and Creative Innovation”

Left a deep impression on every NPUers.


NPU gave us the platforms to grow and cultivates us well.

There are also many excellent examples.


Here at NPU,

We seek common ground while reserving differences,

And making progress together.


No matter where we are,

NPU will always care for us.

There is endless warmth in NPU.


The Milky Way is endless,

Pursue dreams in the sky and hold our responsibilities,


Is in our hands.


Enjoy this scene,

Have a taste of life.

Fortunately, we have the heart to fight bravely

This is the song of youth.


Determine your ambition and cultivate your moral accomplishment,

Set up the spirit of innovation and gather the strength of tenacity.


We fight everywhere

Enriching and preparing ourselves

We’ll meet at the zenith.

We met NPU at A,

But will not end with Z.

The story of NPU

To be continued.

Source: NPU News

Translator: Ma Le


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