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The Discipline of BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY at Northwestern Polytechnical University Ranks in the Top 1% of ESI

2023-02-09 15:10  

According to the data released by Clarivate in January 2023, the discipline of “Biology and Biochemistry” at NPU entered the top 1% of Essential Science Indicators (ESI) for the first time, becoming the 8th discipline of NPU to enter the top 1% of ESI. In addition, the completion rate of the discipline of CLINICAL MEDICINE of NPU entering the top 1% of ESI has also reached 104%. The results are expected to be officially released in March 2023.

In recent years, NPU has attached great importance to the construction of the discipline of Life Sciences. Through top-level planning and policy support, it has continued to promote the in-depth reform of the discipline in talent training, teaching staff and scientific research. The department has issued a number of policy documents to guide and stimulate the output of high-level research results, strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and significantly enhance the international influence of the discipline.

As the main construction unit of the ESI disciplines of “Biology and Biochemistry” and “Clinical Medicine”, the School of Life Sciences has contributed more than 50% to both disciplines (the School of Automation Engineering, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the School of Computer Science, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Ecology and Environment, and Institute of Medical Research have also contributed to the improvement of the ESI ranking of the two disciplines). Relying on the School of Life Sciences, the relevant disciplines of “Biomedical Engineering” and “Biology” were approved as first-level discipline doctoral programs and first-level discipline master programs respectively in 2010, and the post-doctoral mobile station of “Biomedical Engineering” and the Sino-British dual-degree master program was approved in 2019. In the fifth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education, the ranking of the “Biomedical Engineering” and “Biology” disciplines has been significantly improved, and the characteristic development model of Northwestern Polytechnical University of Life Sciences has initially formed.

In the next step, the discipline will continue to adhere to the “four aspects”, aim at the scientific and technological frontiers and major needs in the field of life sciences, strengthen the characteristic advantages of “Special Environmental Biology" and “Materials Biology”, carry out basic research and applied basic research, constantly improve the research ability and level of the school in the field of life science, expand the international influence of the discipline, make contributions to the “Double First-Class” construction of NPU.

Source: NPU News

Translator: Ma Le


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