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Promote the Exchange of World Engineering Science and Technology: Academicians of Northwestern Polytechnical University Led a Delegation to Participate in the Series of Activities of World Engineering Day

2023-03-15 14:03  

March 4 is the fourth World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development (World Engineering Day), with the theme of “Engineering innovation for a more resilient world”. From February 28 to March 4, Academician Huang Wei led a delegation to Madrid, Spain, to participate in relevant activities and said that he hoped to make efforts to promote exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese engineering science and technology community and the international engineering community and contribute more engineering wisdom and engineering strength to promote the sustainable development of the world.

Academician Huang Wei and Dr. José Vieira,

the President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations

During the event, engineering organization delegations from more than 60 countries and regions and representatives of relevant international organizations reported and reviewed the work of the organization in the past year, and further discussed major global issues related to the common well-being of all mankind, especially on key topics such as climate change, energy revolution, emerging technology defining the future, and engineering supporting innovation and development. This meeting reaffirmed the unswerving efforts of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations in promoting the sustainable development of the United Nations in 2030, continued to promote global engineering and scientific and technological cooperation, and continuously improved the governance capacity and level of international scientific and technological organizations, so as to promote the development of engineering, actively address global issues, and help the future technological frontier innovation.

Academician Huang Wei made a formal proposal at the Strategic Advisory Committee and Executive Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations to build the top international academic journal Tech in the field of science and technology in the future. Academician Huang Wei said that disruptive future technologies will have a fundamental and revolutionary impact on human development. It is the era's mission of international organizations to focus on the frontier of disruptive technology in the future and follow the development of global scientific and technological innovation. It is also the practical contribution of scientists and engineers to achieve a more resilient and sustainable world through scientific and technological progress. Dr José Vieira, President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, said that he would support the journal Tech to become the official flagship publication of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, aggregate the expert resources of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, promote international scientific and technological frontier achievements, and promote global scientific and technological engineering exchanges and cooperation. The proposal of Tech has also received broad support from the Executive Board and Executive Committee members of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations.

It is reported that World Engineering Day was initiated by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and actively supported by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and more than 80 countries and regional engineering organizations in the world. In November 2019, the 40th General Conference of UNESCO decided to designate March 4 as World Engineering Day to better play the important role of engineering and engineers in promoting global sustainable development.

Source: Institute of Flexible Electronics

Translator: Ma Le


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