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 News

Series Activities Successfully Held in Northwest Polytechnical University Station during the China Tour of Nature

2023-03-27 11:55  

On March 9, a series of activities of the China Tour of Nature in Northwest Polytechnical University Station were held at the Youyi Campus. Cui Xiaoying, Vice President of Springer Nature Group (Northeast Asia), and a delegation of 10 people visited NPU, with nearly 200 teachers and students participating in the exchange. The event is hosted by the Office of Science and Technology.

Vice President He Guoqiang met with Cui Xiaoying and the delegation. Li Yun, Vice President of the Office of Science and Technology, Tian Wei, Minister of Basic Research, Guo Yongjian, Deputy Librarian of the Library, and relevant personnel attended the meeting, which was chaired by Li Yun. He Guoqiang introduced the scientific research characteristics of NPU with the background of “Aviation, Aerospace, Navigation”, as well as policies and measures to guide teachers to identify scientific problems and promote the output of high-level scientific research achievements. He hoped to take this event as an opportunity to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism with Springer Nature Group to promote the dissemination of outstanding research achievements in the school. Cui Xiaoying introduced the development history, publishing philosophy, and purpose of Nature Group. She hoped to deepen cooperation with Northwest Polytechnical University and assist in the development of basic research at the university.

The Senior Editors’ Conference on Nature-Materials and Nature-Computational Science was held in Conference Room 5 of the International Conference Center. Cui Xiaoying gave an opening speech, introducing the development concept of Nature Group and the series of activities of the China Tour of Nature. Pan Jie, a senior editor, interpreted the journal positioning and topic selection direction of Nature- Computational Science under the title of “Inside Nature Journals”, and introduced the article requirements, writing and contribution points of the nature series journals from an editorial perspective. Senior editor Li Xin shared relevant information about Nature- Materials and participated in the Q&A interaction. The participating teachers and students enthusiastically asked questions about the submission process, preprints, differences between conference papers and journal papers, etc.

Relevant research groups from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the School of Physical Science and Technology, the School of Life Sciences, the School of Computer Science, and the Institute of Flexible Electronics participated in the senior editing round table. The conference conducted in-depth discussions on research hotspots, journal topics, and paper writing.

Source: NPU News

Translator: Ma Le


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