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 News

At the Height of Spring at the NPU, the Scenery Here is Unique!

2023-03-21 14:21  

March 21st, Spring Equinox!

“On the fourth day of the mid-spring, the spring scenery is at the midpoint.”

The spring equinox is the fourth of the 24 solar terms, and it is also the most beautiful solar term of the year. At this time, spring is divided into two halves, with the sun shining directly on the equator, and we share the same length of day and night. At this time, the grass grows and the warblers fly, the flowers are red and the willows are green, which is a good season for “thousands of hundreds of flowers compete for brightness and beauty”.

In spring, on the campus of NPU, everything exhales the old and inhales the new, and everywhere the spring breeze reaches, there is a lush green atmosphere.

The gentle wind woke the earth

A passing figure

Stroking every student on campus

The busy wind has greened the willow buds

An industrious appearance

Calling for every plant in the soil

The colorful wind blew over the paint tray

A waving brush

Bump into the flowers of spring

The Qinling Mountains are in harmony with the north and south, and the land is under heaven.

The Chang’an Campus of Northwest Polytechnical University, located at the foot of the Qinling Mountains, also has extremely rich species resources.

There is a spirit in all things on earth. Let’s go find those lovely trees, flowers, and small creatures on the campus of NPU.

Enrich “Tree” Species

1. Acer rubrum

Location: On both sides of He Zun

(Photo by Hu Jianing)

2. Loquat

Location: West gate of Yuntianyuan Canteen

(Photo by Luo Kai)

3. Chinese catalpa

Location: Downstairs of Xingtian Student Apartment Building A

(Photo by Zhan Ning)

4. Euonymus schensianus

Location: Near the Ao’xiang Swimming Pool

(Photo by Meng Ziye)

5. Aesculus sinensis

Location: On both sides of the road between the Xingtianyuan Sports Ground and basketball court

(Photo by Tong Jiashuai)

6. Ginkgo

Location: Between the Xingtian Student Apartment Building A and C

(Photo by Jin Yefang)

7. Metasequoia

Location: Near the Qi Xiang Lake

(Photo by Zhan Ning)

8. Rhododendron multiflorum

Location: On both sides of the road of East Teaching Building B

(Photo by Hu Jianing)

9. Sycamore

Location: On both sides of the road leading to the Haitianyuan lawn from the library

(Photo by Zhu Junji)

In spring and March, everything is growing.

1. Sakura

Location: Chang’an Avenue (from the Library to Qi Xiang Building)

(Photo by Jin Yefang)

2. Chinese violet

Location: Distributed throughout the campus

(Photo by Wang Shihao)

3. Trigonotis peduncularis

Location: Distributed throughout the campus

(Photo by Zhang Yu)

4. Prunus cerasifera

Location: Jingwu Garden

(Photo by Luo Kai)

5. Chaenomeles speciosa

Location: Around the School of Sciences, beside the plastic walkway

(Photo by Zhang Yu)

6. Chickweed

Location: All over the campus, please pay close attention to the lawn under your feet

(Photo by Luo Zenghao)

7. Dandelion

Location: Dandelions are everywhere in spring, remember to look at those prominent yellow flowers

(Photo by Meng Ziye)

8. Chinese redbud

Location: Taoli Garden (North of Waiting Hall)

(Photo by Sun Peijun)

9. Oriental Paperbush

Location: By Qi Xiang Lake

(Photo by Zhu Junji)

Full of vitality and prosperity

Green NPU

The scenery here is unique

Continue to promote the concept of green and low-carbon development

Teachers and students jointly build a green campus

Source: NPU News

Translator: Ma Le


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