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The dean of NPU led a delegation to visit Singapore and Hong Kong and conduct global talent recruitment activities

2023-05-09 15:32  

From April 14th to 21st, the delegation led by Hou Chengyi, a member of the Board of Trustees and Vice President of NPU, accompanied by relevant personnel from the Office of International Cooperation and the Human Resources Department, went to Singapore and Hong Kong to carry out inter-university cooperation and contracting, talent recruitment promotion, high-level talent appointment and negotiation, visit to embassies and consulates, alumni talks and other activities. Relevant leaders from 11 colleges (research institutes), including the School of Aeronautics, the School of Astronautics, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Power and Energy, the School of Automation, the School of Computer Science, the School of Management, the School of Ecology and Environment, the Institute of Flexible Electronics, and Unmanned Systems Research Institute participated in some of the activities. This activity strengthened external cooperation and contacts, expanded talent introduction channels, and achieved the good effect of attracting talent through talent and publicity.

Conduct inter-university cooperation

On the morning of April 17th, the delegation visited the National University of Singapore (NUS). Hou Chengyi had a meeting with Susanna Leong, Vice Provost of NUS, and signed a memorandum of understanding on inter-university cooperation. Both sides expressed that as long-term strategic partners, the two universities have cooperated in many fields such as academic research, science and technology innovation, and talent training in recent years. In the future, the two universities will continue to promote cooperation in the fields of mechanical engineering, material science and computer science by combining their strengths and complementing each other.

Hou Chengyi and Susanna Leong Sign Memorandum of Inter-University Cooperation

On the morning of April 18th, the delegation visited Nanyang Technological University and had in-depth discussions with Tim White, Vice President for International Cooperation and affairs of the university. Both sides expressed that the two universities have carried out relevant cooperation in many fields such as mechanical engineering, aerospace, materials science, and computer science and have broad prospects for development. Both sides reached a consensus on further promoting the cooperation between the corresponding colleges of the two universities in talent training and scientific research and agreed to sign a strategic cooperation agreement between the two universities when the time comes. At the same time, the leadership of Nanyang Technological University proposed to send students to our university to participate in exchange programs and promote learning and exchange between students of the two universities.

On the afternoon of April 19th, the delegation visited the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), held meetings with Yike Guo, Provost of HKUST, and signed the "Memorandum of Cooperation between Northwestern Polytechnical University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology". Both sides expressed that the two universities have similar discipline distribution and strong complementarity in scientific research. Both sides will actively promote complementary advantages on the basis of existing cooperation and continue to strengthen cooperation in joint training of doctoral students, exchange of undergraduate students, declaration of national major scientific research projects, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and other aspects.

On the afternoon of April 20th, the delegation visited the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and held meetings with Kwok-yin Wong, Vice President of the university. Both sides expressed that they will strengthen exchanges and joint training at the undergraduate level on basis of the sound cooperation, while exploring the establishment of joint laboratories and innovation platforms, as well as more in-depth cooperation in collaborating on scientific and technological innovation, etc.

Hou Chengyi with Vice President of Hong Kong Polytechnic University Kwok-yin Wong

Talent Recruitment Fairs

From April 15th to 20th, the university hosted global talent recruitment fairs at five universities, including the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The five recruitment events attracted more than 360 scholars in total, and each event was packed with enthusiastic exchanges.

From April 15th to 20th, Hou Chengyi led a delegation to have individual discussions with some scholars and officially appointed Professor John Wang, a member of the Singapore Academy of Sciences, a member of the Singapore Academy of Engineering, a member of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Materials Science, and a professor at the National University of Singapore, as an honorary professor of our university. Professor Fu Mingwang and Professor Huang Haitao from Hong Kong Polytechnic University were also appointed as visiting professors of our university. All four professors expressed their honor to become a part of Northwestern Polytechnical University and their sense of responsibility. They will work diligently to contribute to the university's talent introduction, student cultivation, scientific research cooperation, and international exchanges and to the construction of a "Double First-Class" university. In addition, the delegation also reached cooperative intentions with eight professors from Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

During this period, the delegation also visited the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore and the laboratories of some scholars in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The delegation visited the laboratory

Visit the Embassy

During the period, the delegation paid a special visit to Mr Han Jun, the Minister Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, who is also an alumnus of the Aeronautics Academy, Class of 1984. During the meeting, Hou Chengyi introduced the development and achievements of the university in recent years, as well as the university's policies regarding personnel and talent. Mr Han Jun introduced the situation of higher education in Singapore and proposed constructive opinions and suggestions on deepening exchanges and cooperation with world-class universities in Singapore. He will continue to support the university's work in inter-university cooperation and talent recommendation.

Alumni meetings and talent recommendations

During the visits to Singapore and Hong Kong, the delegation met with alumni of Northwestern Polytechnical University in both cities and had frank and pleasant discussions. During the symposium, Hou Chengyi introduced the university's "14th Five-Year Plan", the goal of building a "Double First-Class" university, and the latest developments and achievements of the university. The delegation also listened to feedback on the work of overseas alumni and suggestions for the university's development. On behalf of the alma mater, they conveyed the university's warm regards and blessings to the alumni and hoped that they would continue to care about the development of their alma mater and actively recommend outstanding talents for the university.

The visit was successful, fruitful, and effective. In the future, the university will continue to strengthen its efforts in attracting global outstanding talents by conducting visits to famous universities in Europe, Australia, and other countries, as well as overseas talent recruitment activities.

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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