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 News

Run, NPUers! Marathon is coming with great excitement!

2023-05-25 14:52  

On May 20th, the Wuling·2023 Shaanxi University Student Marathon League/NPU Station, jointly launched by the Students P.E. Association of Shaanxi Province and Qujiang Sports Group, kicked off with great vitality! More than 3,600 participants from 28 colleges of Northwestern Polytechnical University gathered at the Chang'an campus and competed in a 5km race with great passion.

On a summer morning, the Chang'an campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University, located at the foot of the Qinling Mountains, is full of greenery and pleasant scenery. Before 9 o'clock, students and staff of NPU had arrived at the venue in an orderly manner.

The school's aerobics team and the university art troupe performed cheerleading and other energetic activities to showcase health and vitality and led everyone in warm-up exercises before the race.

Zhan Hao, a member of the Board of Trustees and Vice President of NPU, gave an opening speech for the competition. He pointed out that physical education is an important aspect of talent cultivation and also the excellent awareness and tradition that Northwestern Polytechnical University has always adhered to. The school enhances students' physical fitness through various sports competitions, fully mobilizes students' enthusiasm for physical exercise, helps students enjoy fun, enhance their physique, cultivate their personality, and temper their willpower through sports exercise. He hopes that the participants will carry forward the spirit of hard work, constantly pursue the ultimate and surpass themselves.

After a warm-up, the starting ceremony officially began! Liu Baoping, chairman of the Students P.E. Association of Shaanxi Province; Zhan Hao, member of the Board of Trustees and Vice President of NPU; Zhang Kaifu, Assistant President; Zhou Wei, director of the Physical Education Department; Ge Chao, Vice General Manager of Xi'an Qujiang Cultural Industry (Investment) Group and Chairman of Qujiang Sports Group, as well as directors of sports departments from other brother universities affiliated with other vice-chair units of Students P.E. Association of Shaanxi Province, participated in the starting ceremony and announced the start of the competition!

At 9 o'clock in the morning, with the crisp sound of the gun, more than 3,600 students and staff members wearing youthful and vibrant sportswear rushed out from Dongfeng Square on Xunhang North Road, running 5 kilometers, which connects the most beautiful scenery on campus. They also demonstrated the sports spirit of perseverance, hard work, and never giving up among the students of NPU. It showcased the energetic and enterprising spirit of the people of NPU.



After intense competition, the top three winners of both men and women were announced. The top three winners in the men's group were Cao Jiayu, Xu Yanpeng, and Wang Xukun. The top three winners in the women's group were Li Mingrui, Zhang Siqi, and Dai Siyu.

This event is not only a competition between individuals but also a competition between colleges. After the event, in addition to the top three men and women winners, four men athletes and one women athlete with the best net scores from each college will be selected to calculate the team awards based on the sum of scores, and trophies will be awarded. Therefore, students and staff members are not only running for themselves but also for the honor of their colleges! Which college will receive the team honor? Let's wait and see!

After the race, all finishers received a commemorative medal exclusive to Northwestern Polytechnical University. The overall color of the medal is youthful and vibrant, with a running student as the main element on the front, implying that students are running forward. The center of the back of the medal is the emblem of Northwestern Polytechnical University, which is of great commemorative significance.


The 2023 Shaanxi College Student Marathon League is a brand road running event IP created by the Students P.E. Association of Shaanxi Province and Xi'an Qujiang Sports Group for college students. The event aims to inspire college students' enthusiasm for sports and call for more students to participate in long-distance running, and through sports, gain a healthy physique and a positive attitude.

To stimulate students' participation and enhance the competitiveness and viewing experience of the event, the top three men/women students and top two men/women staff members of this event will directly qualify for the 2023 Xi'an Marathon. In the golden autumn season, they will compete fiercely with outstanding long-distance runners from other universities in the beautiful ancient city of Xi'an.

After Northwestern Polytechnical University station, the Shaanxi College Student Marathon League will be held in other universities, enriching the sports events for college students in Shaanxi Province and promoting the development of school sports in Shaanxi to a higher level.

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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