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In Sahara’s scorching sun and strong wind, the UAVs of Northwestern Polytechnic University spread wings and soars——Northwestern Polytechnic University Wins the Champion of UMSIC2023 World Unmanned Military Systems Competition

2023-07-29 15:06  

西工大新闻网7月27日电(文字Guo Qing)On July 19, 2023, Cairo time, Egypt, the seventh World Military Unmanned System Competition (UMSIC2023) came to an end. NPU-INNOVATION TEAM and UNBELIEVABLE, the aviation science and technology innovation base of Northwestern Polytechnical University, with the strong support of the International Cooperation Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the Aviation Academy and other units, went to Egypt to participate in the competition after more than 130 days of intense preparations. In the hinterland of the Sahara,theyfought hard for three days under the high temperature of 46 ℃, finally won the championship, and won the title of Ltd General Ibrahim Selim Award and Best Design Award.


In this World Military Unmanned System Competition, Northwestern Polytechnical University, through strict selection, has established an international team withProf.Guo Qingas its instructor, and undergraduates and postgraduates from 7schools, includingSchoolof Aeronautics,Schoolof Astronautics,Schoolof Automation,School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture,Schoolof Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Queen Mary University of LondonEngineering School, NPU. After more than four months and more than 130 days of intense preparations, we have designed efficientheavy dutyUAVs and fully autonomous VTOL UAVs, and completed the tasks of investigation, identification, transportation, and strike. The two participating planes have received high praise from the event organizers and other participating teams for their excellent flight performance, thanksto their unique aircraft design, meticulous production, and optimized flight control system design.


The two teams overcame obstacles all the way, and through multiple report reviews, reliability reviews, environmental pollution assessment tests, FRR videos, and final safety reviews, they finally entered the field mission flight decisive stage. The high temperature and strong wind in the Sahara made the flight more difficult. The team members withstood the heat and sand, carefully debugged the equipment, and in the strong wind, the two planes successfully took off independently, accurately identified the target and struck accurately. Due to the instability of strong winds, the landing gear of the plane was damaged during landing. The team members rushed to repair it overnight, sacrificing their sleep time. In the competition, in order to race against the clock, they leaned on the hot runway to repair the plane. It was this unremitting effort that successfully completed the arduous three-day task.

Striving hard and climbing the peak bravely, the Aviation Science and Technology Innovation Base of NPU, adhering to theNPUmotto of "Loyalty,Integrity,Courage and Perseverance" and theNPUspirit of "Strong Preparation,Diligent Effort,Practical Attitude,and Creative Innovation", has been highly praised by experts and organizers attending the meeting for its professionalism, innovation and excellent team cooperation ability, and has won the respect and respect of international participating teams.


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