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 News

Today is the beginning of autumn, may happiness last forever! Enjoy the high-definition beautiful pictures of NPU!

2023-08-08 22:28  

"The sky is filled with clouds, signalling the end of summer; the rustling of leaves announces the arrival of autumn."

Today, we welcome the thirteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, which is also the first solar term of autumn - "Li Qiu" (立秋).

Although we are still in the period known as "Zhong Mo Fu" (midsummer heat), and the summer heat is still lingering, the so-called "Autumn Tiger" is still present. However, when you take a leisurely stroll on the campus in the evening, the cool breeze is already whispering to you: the most beautiful season is about to come...

At this moment, perhaps you are holding your acceptance letter in your hands,

With full anticipation, preparing to embark on a new journey.

Perhaps you are using your summer break to travel to various parts of our motherland,

Enriching yourself and honing your skills through experience and growth.

At this moment, no matter where you are,

The beautiful campus of NPU is quietly waiting here,

Welcoming the brand new you, missing the long-lost you.

During the day, the cicadas chirp in waves, and the summer heat lingers,

The campus of NPU, located at Friendship West Road, at the foot of Qinling Mountains,

With lush vegetation and vibrant greenery, adding a hint of coolness.

At night, the lights shine brightly, and the spirit of progress remains strong,

NPUers walk hand in hand with the stars,

Continuously writing, studying diligently, and bravely scaling new heights,

Though the night may be long, the journey is also radiant.

Looking into the distance, Zhongnan Mountain appears like ink and smoke,

Up close, the green waters flow like silk ribbons, resembling a picturesque scene.

Here, you are both an observer of the painting and a character within it.

Adhering to the school motto of "Loyalty, Integrity, Courage and Perseverance",

Upholding the school spirit of "Strong Preparation, Diligent Effort, Practical Attitude, and Creative Innovation",

Golden autumn has arrived,

The story of summer quietly comes to an end,

The scroll of autumn unfolds gently,

May all your efforts and sacrifices

Bear fruitful rewards in the golden season of autumn!

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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