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 News

NPU! Here I come!

2023-09-02 15:09  

The autumn rain washes away the lingering summer heat,

The gentle breeze welcomes new students to the campus of NPU!

From start to finish,

take you on an immersive experience of speedy registration!

This year, 4,387 undergraduate students and 6,816 graduate students have come to NPU, to explore their passions, pursue their dreams, and achieve a better version of themselves.

As they step into a new journey and embark on a new chapter, this precious moment must be captured and recorded.

To facilitate the arrival of new students, the university has arranged for 292 volunteers to assist in various tasks such as airport/station pickups, luggage handling, campus guidance, information verification, registration payment, and campus introductions.

Upon arrival at the registration site, the most popular spot was undoubtedly the "Surprise Blind Box Distribution Area," where new students eagerly anticipated drawing their own surprises.

It is reported that this year the university has streamlined the on-site registration process. Students can fill in personal information, pay tuition fees, check the registration process, and access various convenient services online before coming to the campus. This has made it possible to complete the on-site registration in just 1 minute.

The digital welcoming platform is updated in real-time, providing up-to-date information on freshmen registration and related data.

"Never let students drop out of school due to financial difficulties". At the registration site, the university has opened a "Green Channel" to simplify the application process and provided "Love Boxes" containing essential toiletries and hygiene products for students facing economic hardships.

"Mom and Dad, this is my new home for university life!"

Additionally, over 540 international students have travelled thousands of miles to join our university.

New graduate students have also arrived at the Youyi and Chang'an campuses for registration. The Chang'an campus, with its picturesque countryside scenery, rippling lotus ponds, and surrounding green mountains and clear waters, welcomes your arrival.

During the registration process, student groups also prepared various interactive activities, looking forward to welcoming new students to participate~~

On the 28th, coinciding with the birthdays of 13 new students, the university organized a collective birthday celebration for the freshmen, hoping that they would immediately feel the warmth and blessings of the university upon their arrival.

May your eyes shine, your heart be filled with dreams, and your path is clear.

With love for your country and lofty aspirations,

Youth knows no bounds and strives to achieve greatness.

Embark on a brilliant tomorrow of your own at NPU!

Translator: Jiang Meng


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