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 News

New semester, new atmosphere!

2023-09-06 11:51  

As the new semester approaches, the freshmen of NPU are eagerly arriving on campus, while many students embark on their journey back to school. After a break, the campus has undergone some changes. Let's take a glimpse of what's new.

In response to the concerns raised by students and teachers regarding the campus environment of Youyi Campus, the school has implemented a comprehensive campus environment improvement project. At the same time, the project aims to improve the study and living conditions for students such as classroom conditions, sports facilities, student dining, dormitory bathroom conditions, enhancement of express delivery and waste management public services.

Road Section: Creating Smooth Traffic Flow

Following the renovation, the teaching and research zone at the Youyi Campus has achieved a separation of pedestrians and vehicles. The pedestrian flow paths are convenient and comfortable, maximizing the safety of teachers and students. The traffic flow for vehicles is rational, smooth, and does not compromise the campus landscape. This transformation has completely resolved issues such as the mixing of pedestrians and vehicles and disorderly parking within the teaching and research zone at the Youyi Campus.

Landscape Section: Creating a Beautiful Campus

The integrated design and enhancement of the landscape system in the teaching and research zone have been implemented. High-quality lawns have been laid, and existing trees have been properly maintained. Additionally, new tree species with rich seasonal foliage changes, such as Photinia fraseri and ligustrum vicaryi, have been added to further enrich the spatial and color variations, creating an open and well-structured campus green space.

Furthermore, the college has removed some iron fences between the teaching and research zone and the main campus roads, optimizing the campus public spaces.

So far, 14 green space renovation projects have been completed. The total renovated area exceeds 40,000 square meters.

Architecture Section: Demolition, Renovation, Repair, and Modification to Create a Cozy Environment


Improving Learning and Living Conditions: Enhancing the Sense of Well-being for Teachers and Students

In terms of improving learning and living conditions, the school insists on focusing on students' concerns and interests. Extensive and practical investigations and studies have been conducted to identify the issues that students are most concerned about. Solutions have been implemented one by one, including installing air conditioning, adding shower rooms, increasing electrical capacity, and establishing new express delivery points.

The improvement of the learning environment includes the installation of air conditioning in classrooms at Youyi Campus, repair and power supply renovations for classrooms at Chang'an Campus, installation of curtains in classrooms at Youyi Campus, and provision of hand sanitisers and toilet paper in public restrooms at both campuses.

In terms of improving living conditions, shower rooms have been added to selected dormitory buildings, school public bathhouse facilities have been upgraded, dining environments in the cafeteria have been improved, and the waiting hall for school buses has been enhanced.

The shower rooms in each dormitory building use geothermal water and are equipped with storage lockers. Students can use the campus super APP - the campus card service - to check for available slots and make appointments, reducing the need to leave the building for bathing. There added larger space more locations, and a hot beverage resting area.

NPU has built the "Aoxiang Express Service Center," which includes over 1,600 24-hour intelligent delivery package lockers and an express station that can accommodate the storage needs of over 2,000 parcels.

During the same period, renovations and enhancements have also been carried out at the Chang'an Campus Library, Qizhen Building, and other facilities, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the students.

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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