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 News

85th Anniversary | Campus Renewal Welcomes Alumni Home

2023-09-29 11:41  

Recently, our beloved alma mater will celebrate its 85th anniversary. Thousands of alumni will once again return to the beautiful and warm campus, reliving youthful stories, tracing the origins of their youth dreams, and drawing strength to continue moving forward!"

"To further improve the conditions for education and optimize the campus environment, ensuring a pleasant experience for every alum returning to campus, the school initiated a comprehensive campus improvement project during the summer vacation. This project aimed to address issues raised by teachers and students concerning the 'old and dirty' conditions and the need for improvements in the learning and living environment on the Youyi Campus.

Road Traffic:

The 'inner ring, outer bypass' project was implemented to separate pedestrians and vehicles, increase parking spaces, and ensure standardized parking for motor vehicles.

Landscape Greening:

Existing trees were pruned, lawns were laid, and additional greenery was added to further enhance the campus environment.

Architectural Image:

Through demolition, renovation, repairs, and modifications, a clear visual corridor was established, creating a warm and conducive environment for learning and living."

"In the enhanced campus, 'spring brings hundreds of flowers, autumn has the moon, summer has cool breezes, and winter has snow.' Every season brings its own unique beauty throughout the year."

Taoli Garden

The Taoli Garden has witnessed the generations of hardworking students at NPU and carried the stories of love and youth of NPU students.

Today, a wooden boardwalk has been laid on the lush green grass, and new seats provide a more comfortable leisure space. Amidst studies and research, one can take a leisurely stroll, seek inspiration in the lush surroundings, and engage in discussions about the future amidst the chirping of birds and the fragrance of flowers."

Wutong Boulevard

The renovated Wutong Boulevard connects the West Building of Graduate Studies, International Conference Center, Library, and the Anthem Wall. 'The phoenix is singing on that high hill. The wutong tree is thriving in the morning sun.' Under the wutong trees, generations of NPU students walk with determination, seek knowledge, and grow, ultimately soaring to all corners of the world."

International Conference Center

Around the International Conference Center, lawns have been added, and a variety of deciduous trees with rich seasonal changes in leaf color have been planted. The landscaping complements the main building, providing both domestic and international guests with a more beautiful and comfortable conference environment."

The Anthem Wall

In front of the The Anthem Wall, new low shrubs such as holly have been planted. The renovated marble flower bed is simple and elegant, complementing Taoli Garden and the Chengzi Building from a distance. This enhances the humanistic atmosphere of the teaching and research area and showcases the school's rich historical heritage."


The library is not only a landmark building on the campus but also an important cultural hall that reflects the school's ethos, academic atmosphere, and university spirit. To optimize the campus's public spaces and achieve a three-dimensional integration of ecological landscapes with the main buildings, the school removed some iron railings located between the library and the main campus road. They also transformed the street-side green areas, creating a system of interconnected green paths and walkways, fostering an open and inclusive campus atmosphere."

Science and Technology Museum

The school also demolished old buildings such as the South Gate Reception Room. They reinforced and renovated buildings like the Electrical Laboratory Building, West Conference Room, Shuhai Building, and the Old Library. The exterior of the Old Aviation Building has been renovated as well. After these improvements, the campus is now brimming with new vitality."

Diangong Building

The Diangong Building, built in 1954, is one of the earliest teaching and laboratory buildings constructed at the Youyi Campus. It was listed as an immovable cultural relic during the third national cultural heritage survey in 2008. After the recent renovation and improvement, the Diangong Building is now ready for use again. It will carry the memories of the older generation of NPU alumni and continue to accompany both teachers and students in their growth journey."

Formation of the Circular Traffic Loop

The school has undertaken a reorganization of campus transportation to enhance the road network's service capabilities. This has resulted in the formation of a circular traffic loop around the teaching and research area. Additionally, they have implemented a smart parking management system with entrance and exit controls, road barriers, guidance screens, and more to effectively address issues such as the mixing of pedestrians and vehicles and parking difficulties in the teaching and research area."

"At the same time, the Chang'an campus library and Qi zhen Building have also undergone renovation and improvement, looking forward to the arrival of alumni. All the years will penetrate through now, illuminating the future.

All the memories will become the strength we face the future with.

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary celebration,

NPU has been given a brand new look.

We can hardly wait to welcome you back!"

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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