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 News

Super exciting! The top eight have emerged! NPUers, let's get moving!

2023-11-01 16:31  

The cool autumn wind brings warmth, and the vigorous students of NPU are busy striving.

From October 26th to 28th,

The Northwestern Polytechnical University "Yan Yiti Cup"20th Sports Cultural Festival and the 57th Sports Games are passionately held.

NPUers are eager and ready to go!

The sports field becomes the stage for everyone to release their passion and sweat.

Today, Let's get closer to the youthful snapshots of the University Games.

Opening Ceremony Chapter

The sports games kicked off at the Yun Tian Sports Ground of Chang'an Campus.

School National Flag Formation

Solemnly escorting the national flag, school flag, and Olympic flag

The Red Flag team, the referee team, the champion team,

The athlete teams from various schools, and the faculty representative team

All come in sequence with vitality and vigor.

The vigorous drumbeats strike the young hearts,

The passionate melody is full of upward strength.

President Song Baowei announced

The opening of the 2023 Northwestern Polytechnical University "Yan Yiti Cup" 20th Sports Cultural Festival and the 57th Sports Games

In his speech, Yang Yixin pointed out that physical education is an important aspect of talent cultivation, and it is also a philosophy and fine tradition that our school has always adhered to. The school organizes sports competitions to stimulate students' enthusiasm for physical exercise, helps students enjoy fun, enhance physical fitness, develop character, and temper their will through physical exercise. He hopes that all participating athletes will follow the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", obey the arrangements of the conference, respect the referees, respect the opponents, demonstrate a tenacious fighting spirit, compete for level, style, and friendship, continuously pursue excellence, surpass themselves, and pursue the sports spirit of faster, higher, and stronger with their actual actions.

The "Yan Yiti Cup" was escorted to the award podium by Professor Ye Baozeng, a retired teacher from the Physical Education Department, who was formerly the deputy secretary-general of the China University Football Association and Shaanxi Football Association, the honorary chairman and advisor of the Shaanxi Fencing Association and Xi'an Fencing Association, and has represented Shaanxi Province in the second and third National Games of China.

Dragon Dance, Martial Arts, Cheerleading...

Performances at the opening ceremony are diverse and splendid.

The artistic soul of NPUers is ignited!

Competition Chapter

The starting gun fires, and thousands of "arrows" are released at once.

The wind-blown hair and the large strides

Are proofs of your full-speed running.

The determined eyes are firmly locked on the finish line.

Sweating profusely, heading towards glory!

Leaping forward, throwing with all your might,

Adrenaline surges both inside and outside the arena.

Every bit of hard training in daily life,

Turns into a moment of full-strength explosion on the field.

This sports meeting has also added a variety of ball game competitions.

Dribbling, running, swinging, moving,

Students enhance friendships, strengthen physical fitness, and hone their will in friendly competitions.

Striving for the lead in swimming,

Dancing the vitality of youth,

Sports shape us with a strong physique.

At the same time, the competition events for the faculty group are also in full swing.

Swimming, track and field, ball games, fun sports competitions, etc.

The teachers participate with great enthusiasm, demonstrating superb teamwork and a hardworking spirit!

After three days of fierce competition,

The moment of harvest has finally arrived.

On the night of the 28th, the closing ceremony of the sports meeting was held at the Ao'xiang Stadium on the Chang'an campus. The award ceremony for various collective events such as basketball, rugby, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, etc., for the student group was conducted on the spot, and the "Yan Yiti Cup" was awarded to the top three schools in the group total score.

The School of Automation and the School of Marine Science and Technology won the first and second place in the group total score, respectively. The School of Electronic and Information and the School of Management tied for third place, and the School of Aeronautics, the School of Physical Science and Technology, the School of Mechanical Engineering, and the School of Astronautics ranked fifth to eighth.

At the closing ceremony, our university's high-level men's basketball team played a friendly match against the high-level men's basketball team of Peking University; student art groups and sports dance teams brought wonderful performances.

"When sports are strong, China is strong; when the nation is prosperous, sports are prosperous."

Through sports, we cultivate our temperament,

Thus fueling the incessant momentum of the university's "Double First-Class" construction

Well done, NPUers!

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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