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 News

Let's go, enjoy autumn at NPU, it's breathtaking!

2023-11-10 11:04  

As the summer colors fade into the clouds, the sound of autumn rustles through the leaves.

The autumn days at NPU are currently in full swing...

Autumn at NPU, passionate and rich,

Deep red intertwines with golden yellow,

Like a splendid dream,

Under the guardianship of He Zun,

We are fulfilling our pledge to forge a sword for our country.


Rippling water, flowing light and shadows,

On the surface of Qizhen Lake, our steps are hurried.

In the east and west teaching buildings, our dreams and growth reside,

Learning is easy for the youth, but achieving greatness is tough,

A single inch of time should not be taken lightly.

Clear skies, refreshing breeze,

Bright windows, filled with scholarly essence.

It's a good time for reading.

The ARJ21 in the campus

Shines with golden light under the sunlight

Symbolizing the constant readiness of the youth at NPU

To set sail from here.

Planting phoenix trees attracts the phoenix, bringing joy from afar.

As the autumn wind rises, the Wutong Boulevard whispers in a soft voice,

Seemingly narrating the history from over 60 years ago.

From Nanjing to Xi'an,

Train after train brought experts, professors, students, families, and wutong trees from distant lands...

They also brought the glory and dreams of a generation, along with selfless dedication.

It will continue to witness the young generation of NPU,

Never ceasing, persisting with determination!

The persimmons on the tree branches have ripened to perfection.

It's the annual Persimmon Festival,

We eat well, have fun,

And enjoy the abundance and happiness of the harvest.

Nestled by mountains and waters,

NPU boasts a beautiful campus scenery.

Similarly, it is home to many charming and adorable little animals,

Accompanying everyone for each season.

In the autumn days, feel the thriving vitality of NPU.

NPU is so beautiful, it is our forever home!

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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