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 News

Impressive! NPU's farm has a bountiful harvest!

2023-11-27 14:19  

Through labor, we cultivate virtue, increase wisdom,

Strengthen our bodies, nurture beauty, and foster innovation.

Spring births, summer grows, autumn harvests, winter stores.

After a year of hard work,

Haitianyuan Farm of NPU also has a bountiful harvest.

Today, nearly a thousand students gathered together,

From the fields to the kitchen,

Everyone wholeheartedly celebrates the harvest,

Enjoying the sweetness of the fruits of their labor.

Put down the phone, roll up your sleeves,

Carefully nurture the seedlings, diligently weed,

"Clearing the wilderness in the south, returning to the garden with simplicity."

What is learned on paper is always shallow,

Only through personal practice can one truly understand.

Vegetable cultivation is a "gift" of Chinese people,

It also illustrates the fine qualities of the Chinese nation: diligence, bravery, self-reliance, and hard work.

"With soil beneath our feet and light in our hearts."

There is a recreational area next to the farm decorated anew by students.

Every corner has been carefully tended,

Harvesting joy and tranquillity amidst the embrace of blooming flowers.

"Sugar painting, sugar-figure blowing, jinggao......

At the harvest festival, a variety of traditional cultural experiences and local snack-tasting sessions were prepared.

Which ones did you try?"

After a busy morning of hard work, it's finally time to enjoy the fruits of labor.

More than 300 students from all colleges across the campus,

Took their seats, waiting for the "feast".

Unlike usual, this time we specially chose the chives grown by the students to make the dumpling filling.

Amidst laughter and conversation,

plump and round dumplings

were shaped in students’ hands one by one.

Sharing the fruits of labor with like-minded friends,

Cooking, chatting, laughing, and raising glasses,

The distance between hearts is narrowed in the warm atmosphere.

In cold winter, we gather together for the harvest festival.

A table of delicious dishes is soon finished amidst cheerful laughter and chats.

At this harvest festival,

Students collectively harvested 1000kg of fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm.

They will also be sent to the Haitianyuan Canteen, where they will be cooked into delicious dishes and shared with all teachers and students throughout the school.

You can taste them up for free at the "Haitianyuan Farm" counter on the first floor of the Haitianyuan Canteen from the 27th to the 30th of November during lunchtime.

In 2023, about 3000 students participated in the labor practice at the Haitianyuan Farm throughout the year. Students planted and harvested dozens of crops on the farm, including cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, melons, watermelons, pine flower vegetables, radishes, and broccoli, experiencing the joy of working together and the happiness of harvest and sharing.

While providing labor practice, Haitianyuan Farm also serves as a research field, supporting various teaching, experiment, and practice activities from different colleges. This year, with the support of the Undergraduate Student Affairs Department, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering carried out scientific research on the decentralized treatment and resource utilization technology and equipment development and demonstration of kitchen waste at the farm. The School of Life Sciences conducted plant production practices in botany experiments, observations of plant cells, tissues, and organs, and the teaching of plant sexual propagation at the farm. The School of Ecology and Environment conducted research on the epigenetic memory of plants under adversity at the farm.

Amidst the embrace of the mountains, strolling through Haitianyuan Farm, experiencing the tranquillity of time.

Northwestern Polytechnical University,

2023 Haitianyuan Farm Harvest Festival,

Celebrating the fruitful year with you!"

This event is hosted by the Department of Student Affairs and organized by the School of Foreign Languages and the School of Education Experiments.

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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