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 News

This Winter Solstice, NPU warms your heart!

2023-12-22 19:54  

“The arrival of Winter Solstice, the birth of sunlight in winter heralds the coming of spring.”

On December 22nd, at 11:27 am, we are celebrating the 22nd solar term of this year

Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night in the northern hemisphere, marks the beginning of the coldest days of winter. From today onwards, the sun's direct rays will move northward, leading to longer daylight hours and increased sunshine. "As autumn ends and the autumnal equinox arrives, spring is born on the day of Winter Solstice." Light and birth begin to tremble, and new life and hope are brewing. The cold and harsh winter will eventually pass, and warmth and the essence of spring await us.


"On Winter Solstice, eating dumplings is a must, otherwise your ears will freeze ." Making and eating dumplings has always been a traditional custom for northerners in China during Winter Solstice.

Have you eaten dumplings today?

"Winter Solstice Day is more important than New Year’s Eve, a family reunion." At the end of the year, even though many students and teachers at the university cannot celebrate the solar term with their families, their Winter Solstice is still warm and cozy.

Winter Solstice has arrived, let's eat dumplings

With over 50 food stalls at more than 20 canteens on the two campuses, NPU is providing a full supply of dumplings to students and teachers who are unable to reunite with their families in their hometowns, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a bowl of hot and steaming dumplings on this Winter Solstice and feel the warmth of home.

Winter Solstice has arrived, bringing warmth

Savor the unique flavor of Winter Solstice and feel the warmth in the cold winter. At NPU, on this Winter Solstice, it is a long-standing tradition for students and faculty to gather together to make dumplings. Everyone sits together, rolls out the wrappers, cuts vegetables, chops meat, prepares the filling, and gathers the ingredients. The process of making dumplings is skilful and orderly. With everyone's joint efforts, pots of steaming hot dumplings are quickly cooked. The scent of dumplings fills the air, accompanied by laughter and joy. On a cold winter day, it brings a strong sense of warmth to the students and teachers.

School of Marine Science and Technology organizes a dumpling-making activity for the Winter Solstice.

School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture organizes a "Teachers and Students Together, Warm Winter Solstice" themed event.

School of power and energy organizes a "Welcoming Winter Solstice, Dumpling-making" activity.


School of Automation organizes a themed event called "Warm Winter Solstice, Overflowing Affection."

School of Mathematics and Statistics organizes a themed event called "Warm Winter Solstice."


Queen Mary University of London Engineering School organizes a gathering of teachers and students to make dumplings for the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice has arrived, bringing fun


The "Warm Winter Solstice" folk cultural fair, hosted by the university's Communist Youth League and organized by the University Student union, was held at the Haitianyuan Canteen on the Chang'an Campus. The event featured four folk cultural activities: dumpling-making, sugar-coating, paper-cutting, and wool felting. These activities allowed students to further understand the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture through hands-on experiences and to find a trace of warmth during the Winter Solstice.




wool felting

Winter Solstice has arrived, bringing caring

In order to let the elderly living alone in our university experience a festive atmosphere and eat hot dumplings, on the afternoon of December 21st, the Retirement Affairs Office organized the "Winter Solstice Visit to Share Sincere Feelings, Warm Dumplings Gather Hearts" activity. More than 15 members of the Retirement Affairs Office staff and the Hongfengye Senior Volunteers Service Team visited elderly people living alone, bringing them dumplings and caring about their winter living conditions, allowing them to feel the warmth and care from the university and the organization during the cold winter.

The outdoor air is cold, but the NPU community is warm and harmonious. The community organized the "Welcoming Winter Solstice, Making Dumplings, Sending Warmth" activity. Community staff and residents sat together, chatting, making dumplings, and enjoying the fruits of their labor, experiencing moments of warmth.

Winter Solstice has arrived, bringing welfare

Winter Solstice, blessings arrive.

All goodness will come as scheduled.

We wish you a Happy Winter Solstice and abundant blessings at NPU!

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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