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 News

Check out NPU 2024 Customized Calendar!

2024-01-16 14:40  

New year, everything is renewed.

With hopeful hearts, we advance towards our dreams.

2024, a new chapter begins.

The editor presents a special offering for the Year of the Loong!

Exclusive customization for NPU including

Monthly calendar & segmented wallpapers & New Year desk calendar~

May everyone make progress every day, and live a fulfilling life!

January · Recollecting Memories

The majestic Qinling Mountains resemble an ink painting,

The vast winter snow carries the old and embraces the new.

After finishing the exams, the winter vacation arrives,

Looking back at the past year, vividly remember.

Let us together,

Anticipate the arrival of warm spring, await a bountiful harvest,

So that the seeds sown in winter will bear abundant fruits."

February · Welcoming Spring

Staying up late on Lunar New Year's Eve, welcoming the new year together.

In 2024, the "Loong" returns to the stage.

Please be sure to send greetings to all your relatives and friends on behalf of the NPU

Wish you, Wish I, Wish everyone

have a prosperous and fulfilling year, year after year."

March · Awakening of Insects

The warm Qiuzhen Lake gradually hears the spring thunder.

The key to the whole year lies in spring.

In the new semester, NPUers

Raise their heads like loong, spread their wings like phoenixes.

Chasing after the footsteps of spring, displaying the vitality of youth."

April · Bathed in Spring

The pear blossoms flutter in the breeze, marking the arrival of the Qingming Festival.

Wandering youth seek spring, venturing halfway out of the city.

In April, please pay attention to the spring scenery outside the window.

By the shores of Qixiang Lake, let's make plans for a spring outing.

Indulge freely and chase the winds of freedom.

May · Vigor

Youth is in its prime.

Boldness prevails over timidity.

Advancement triumphs over complacency.

The spirit of striving is engraved in the genes of NPU youth.

We will grow into the scorching sun of summer.

At the summit of the mountains, we witness the surging river.

On the peaks of the mountains, we feel the vastness of the wind.

June · Bestowal of Clothing

Antlers shed, and cicadas begin to sing, it's the midsummer season.

Loyalty, Integrity, Courage and Perseverance NPUers

Gather as sparks in the campus, disperse as pillars of the nation.

Shouldering responsibilities, forging swords for the country.

Wishing you to forge ahead in the new journey, creating your own brilliant life.

July · Taking Action

Suddenly, a warm breeze arrives, signalling the arrival of the Minor Heat.

Setting sail from the campus,

Embarking on a colorful summer break.

Let us together,

Seek knowledge through practice, seek truth through investigation,

Chasing rockets, exploring the vast sky.

August · Anticipation

August is not yet over, the summer days still linger.

The lake shimmers with a tranquil beauty, ripples of emerald waves.

The campus remains lush and verdant.

After a summer break of rejuvenation,

Chang'an campus, Youyi campus, Nanshan mountain, Beilin district,

We eagerly await your return.

September · New Beginnings

Golden autumn in September is a time to start anew and carry on the legacy.

New students from all provinces of the country

have embarked on the journey of becoming engineers on the campus of NPU

Making friends, encountering great mentors,

We continue to pursue our dreams amidst the vast sea of stars.

October · Celebrating Together

Golden autumn leaves cascade, the autumn spirit is strong.

In this prosperous era, the whole nation celebrates together.

NPUers never cease in their footsteps.

With the aspiration of serving the great nation, they bravely shoulder the mission of the times.

Nurturing students through scientific research competitions, reaping abundant achievements.

As a gift to our motherland on its birthday,

Wishing for the prosperity and thriving of our great nation.

November · Precipitation

Clouds gather and disperse, the wind is gentle and the clouds are light.

As the end of the semester approaches, NPU students also focus and return to their studies.

Diligently studying, persevering in practice.

Believing that long-term efforts will surely yield results.

The hidden loong in the abyss, when it soars, will reach the ninth heaven.

"December · Sprinting

Cold winds gradually rise, and the end of the year is approaching.

When the snow falls fast, the weather clears, and good thoughts come to mind.

Encounter an unexpected encounter with winter snow.

Preparing for year-end exams, sprinting for postgraduate entrance exams.

Wishing you the courage to overcome obstacles, and looking forward to your triumphant return.

Whispering words of peace, may all your wishes come true.

All paths ahead are smooth and unobstructed!

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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