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 News

Exciting! NPU's New Year's Eve Dinner Grand Competition!

2024-02-13 11:01  

Amidst the sound of firecrackers, a year is ushered out,

The spring breeze brings warmth into the wine vessel.

During this Spring Festival,

Many students and faculty members have chosen to stay on campus.

In the joyful and harmonious campus of NPU,

We celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year together.

On Chinese New Year's Eve and the first day of the Lunar New Year,

The university is preparing a free New Year's feast for everyone to enjoy.

May you feel at home while being at school,

Even though you are far away from home, the festive atmosphere remains strong.

Many delicious and auspicious dishes,

And there are dumplings symbolizing reunion,

A lively and bustling Chinese New Year's Eve dinner,

Connecting people from different countries and regions of the university.

The university has thoughtfully prepared special ethnic dishes,

Cumin Stir-Fried Beef, Braised Beef with Potatoes, Stir-Fried Beef with King Oyster Mushrooms...

Wishing you to be "cow-like" throughout the year, from beginning to end.

While celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year at school, we can still feel the lively atmosphere. We eating and chatting together, with laughter and joy everywhere!

Liang Shiyu, a student from the School of Automation:

Even though we are celebrating the New Year at school, we can still feel the festive atmosphere. We sit in a circle, discussing our studies, research, and life, filled with happiness. On this occasion, I wish the university continuous success and prosperity! May everyone have a safe, joyful, and smooth year ahead!

Mao Hanyu, a student from the School of Computer Science:

On this special day, the New Year's dinner at school feels more like a family reunion. Though we come from different places, we gather here because of our shared dreams and goals. Around the table, we freely express ourselves, sharing the ups and downs of the past year. The New Year's dinner organized by the school shows their care and thoughtfulness. From the selection of dishes to the table decorations, everything is filled with a strong festive atmosphere and celebration. This is the best recognition and encouragement for our efforts. It makes us realize that no matter what difficulties and challenges we face, we have a strong support backup - our school, our home.

Liu Wenhao, a student from Morocco:

This year is my first time celebrating the Lunar New Year at school. We had a New Year's dinner prepared by the school and participated in the cultural activities of "Entering the Spring Festival, Perceiving China," where we learned to write couplets, make fish lanterns, and make dumplings with teachers and classmates. I felt the warmth and joy of the Spring Festival and deepened my understanding of Chinese culture. I sincerely wish everyone a prosperous and successful life and career!

Teachers, students, and alumni from all over the country have also shared their own New Year's Eve dinners from their hometowns.

Shaanxi cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Northeast cuisine...

Let's take a look together.

Dandong, Liaoning

Bi Shujun, a student from the School of Foreign studies:

Our family is located in a coastal city in Northeast China, so there are always some seafood dishes on our table, such as marinated clams, fried mackerel, and prawns. In addition, every year during the Lunar New Year, we would slaughter a pig, and there will be homemade sausages on the table. Due to my father's work nature and my studies away from home, the moments when our family gathers are rare and precious to me. Being able to accompany my parents at home during the New Year is extremely valuable. During the New Year, we sit together as a family, raising our glasses, and wishing for a better year ahead, filled with joy and safety for the whole family.

Dalian, Liaoning

Hao Zihe, a student from the School of Foreign Studies:

The greatest beauty in life is reunion, and this year is our family's first reunion year since the outbreak of the pandemic. On the New Year's Eve dinner table, there are garlic-infused abalones symbolizing wealth and prosperity, sweet and sour spare ribs symbolizing continuous improvement, braised yellow croaker symbolizing abundance and good fortune, and emperor crabs symbolizing great wealth... The world is vast, and happiness is found in the smallest things. A New Year's Eve dinner is enough to heal everything. It is not only about enjoying delicious dishes, but also about experiencing the happiness of being together with loved ones. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I wish our teachers and students a safe, joyful, and fulfilling Year of the Loong, may your wishes come true, and may you be blessed with warmth and well-being throughout the seasons!

Wuwei, Gansu

Ren Wenchao, a student from the School of Aeronautics:

This year's New Year's Eve dinner consisted of seven dishes. We had a hometown speciality called "Chicken Meat Noodle Roll," as well as stir-fried pork with mushrooms, stir-fried beef with celery, Wuwei-style braised pork (homemade), cold shredded vegetables, cold oil-seared lettuce, and homemade pickled cabbage. All seven dishes were prepared by my mother's hands. There is no better taste in the world. The presentation of the dishes is also carefully arranged, with six small butterflies surrounding a large plate, symbolizing the reunion of the family for the New Year. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy New Year, good health, and may all your wishes come true.

Meishan, Sichuan

Bai Yiling, a student from the School of Marine Science and Technology:

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been admitted to NPU and become a member of the School of Marine Science and Technology. After being away from home for so long, coming back and enjoying the taste of Sichuan cuisine and the warmth of a family reunion is truly special. For the first time, I understand the important significance of "coming home for the New Year" in the hearts of Chinese people. In the coming year, I hope to diligently study my field of expertise, enjoy life, care more about my family and friends, explore the world, and have the courage to love.

Panzhihua, Sichuan

Xu Xinyue, a student from the Aeronautics and Astronautics major:

With the arrival of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Loong, warmth and blessings embrace all seasons, marking another year of family reunion. Our family's New Year's Eve dinner combines flavors from Northeast China, Shandong, and Sichuan. We have the essential staple food symbolizing everlasting love and longevity — dumplings with chive filling. We also have the Mei Cai Kou Rou, a dish representing prosperity and success, and the iconic Beijing Roast Duck, symbolizing good fortune. Other indispensable dishes include the auspiciously named "fish" and "beef" dishes, delicate and savory Gui Fei Su Rou (Empress crispy pork), and Dragon Phoenix Soaring (Coca-Cola chicken wings). May the Year of the Loong be as diverse and exciting as the New Year's Eve dinner, filled with a blend of flavors. Wishing everyone good timing, joy in all things, frequent reunions, and lasting happiness in Chang'an (a metaphorical term for a peaceful life).


Chuan Jiabao, a student from the School of the Computer Science (Bachelor's to Master's Transition Class):

On this warm New Year's Eve, our family dinner is like a sky full of stars, shining brightly and warmly. Each dish in our New Year's Eve feast tells a story of our home and carries the warmth of family bonds. Relatives and friends gather around the table, laughter and well wishes echoing one after another, as if composing a beautiful picture of reunion. In this moment, I want to say to everyone: In the coming year, may our lives be like the exquisite dishes of the New Year's Eve, full of color, fragrance, and deliciousness, abundant and wonderful. May our hearts, like these sparkling stars, illuminate each other's paths and together embrace a brighter future.

Jinan, Shandong

Zhou Rungeng, a student from the School of Marine Science and Technology:

This is my family's New Year's Eve dinner! Among the main dishes, the highlight is the Braised Carp with Green Onions and Fried Lotus Root. The braised carp symbolizes abundance year after year, and this year is the Year of the Loong, which also represents leaping over the dragon gate to achieve success. The fried lotus root symbolizes "good things come in pairs" and harmony. This year, I learned how to drive, and my father can finally enjoy a drink with relatives and friends without any worries. In the coming year, may everyone stride forward like a dragon, with a bright future and a vibrant life!

Qiandaohu, Zhejiang

Wu Tong, a student from the School of Power and Energy:

My hometown is located by the beautiful Thousand Island Lake, so every year fish and shrimp are always present on our table. This clear lake water is different from the hot yellow earth of the northwest. It lacks the bold and straightforward nature of the north, but it exudes a warm and cozy New Year atmosphere everywhere. My family is busy with work, and I am studying away from home, so the reunion of our family of eight is the most important event of the year. I truly understand the longing of a wanderer returning home, and I also realize that the good health of my family is the greatest wealth. In the coming year, let's raise a glass with our family and enjoy the happiest moments in life! Wishing everyone a happy New Year, smooth sailing in all endeavors, good health, and great fortune in the Year of the Loong!

Yiwu, Zhejiang

Li Min, a student from the School of Management:

On the New Year's Eve reunion night, I travelled thousands of miles just to be with my loved ones. Only then did I realize that poetry and distant places are hidden within the chopsticks and bowls of the New Year's Eve dinner. Our family of five, along with an invited young friend, gathered together in 2024! Our New Year's Eve dinner combines the flavors of Guanzhong and the charm of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In the afternoon, my mom and I made cabbage and pork dumplings, symbolizing abundant wealth and blessings in the coming year. The dinner includes hot and sour tripe soup, spicy stir-fried pig intestines with green peppers, cold-served soy sauce beef, pig's trotters, pig ears... The important thing is not just the New Year's Eve dinner itself, but the process of washing hands and making soup together with family. A New Year's Eve dinner is enough to heal and rejuvenate everyone who strives and struggles. May the new year be safe and joyful, may all matters go smoothly, and may dreams from all directions be fulfilled like a gentle breeze under a bright moon.

Guangzhou, Guangdong

Qi Chengquan, a 90s alumnus from the Aircraft Design Engineering major:

From the ancient capital Chang'an to Guangzhou, the city of Guangdong Province, this year's New Year's Eve dinner features Cantonese cuisine: Big Bowl Feast, Steamed Fish and Shrimp, Poached Chicken, Roast Pork, and Fish Maw Soup. Wishing everyone great fortune and success in the Year of the Loong!

Lijiang, Yunnan

Long Han, an alumnus from the 11th level of the School of Aeronautics:

Sitting around the fireplace, raising glasses and chopsticks, everything is filled with the flavors of human life. This year, I accompanied my loved one to celebrate the Naxi ethnic group's New Year at home. We enjoyed Naxi-style delicacies such as pig's head meat, Naxi hot pot, salmon from the snow-capped mountains, and pumpkin "potatoes." Each dish represents the unique and delicious flavors of the Naxi culture. After finishing the New Year's Eve dinner early, the dumpling team got busy again. We lit bonfires, chatted, played the guitar, and enjoyed the warmth of the flickering lights, bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new one. On this night, the smiles around the dining table, the messages shared by the bonfire, and the warmth among family members surpass all the scenery from north to south.

On New Year's Eve, Vice Chairman of Board of Trustees, Vice President Zhan Hao, along with a group, visited and extended their regards to the students staying on campus and some of the teaching and administrative staff on duty.

He visited the student dormitories on both campuses and distributed Chinese New Year red envelopes and New Year gift packages to everyone, along with sincere wishes.

"NPU is like a second home for all students."

"Wishing everyone good health and academic success in the new year!"

Some teaching and administrative staff members have remained on the frontlines, ensuring campus safety and stability, taking care of the health of teachers and students, and ensuring the orderly operation of logistics.

He fully understood the relevant work situation and expressed gratitude for everyone's contributions to the development and construction of the university. He also extended New Year wishes, conveying the deep affection and expectations of the university for each faculty, student, and staff member.

Accompanied by the leaders of the Undergraduate Student Affairs Department of the NPU Committee of the CPC, Public Security Department, NPU Hospital, and Logistics Group.

Source: NPU News

Translator: Jiang Meng


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