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Notice of the winter vacation of 2023

2023-01-07 16:18  

Dear international students,

The Spring Festival is approaching. According to the university arrangement, the winter vacation of 2023 will be from January 7 to February 19. Courses will start on February 20. NPU will hold activities to welcome Spring Festival during winter vacation, all students are welcome to join. In order to ensure the safety of campus and students, please read the following safety tips carefully and follow them accordingly.

Important Tips

Ensure that your passport and visa are legal and valid

Please pay attention to the validity of residence permit\visa and insurance. If your residence permit\visa expires during the winter vacation, please contact the counselor to confirm the extension time as soon as possible.


Safe usage of electricity and water

Use all the appliances and kitchen wares in the right way, turn off the power after you leave; Avoid electric shock, fire or other incidents happening.


Abide by regulations and laws

Abide by regulations and laws,do not organize or involve in illegal activities. Abide by traffic regulations and laws. Do not drive without a valid license. Illegal employment is strictly prohibited.


Insurance service

If you need outpatient service or hospitalization, please contact insurance company in advance (Tel:4008105119).


Asking for leave on vacation

If you need to leave campus during the winter vacation, please download and fill in the Application Form for Leaving Campus during 2023 Winter Vacation (scan the QR code below) and send it to your counselor for approval in advance.



Return to China&Campus

If you return to China during the holiday, please inform the counselor of the return date in advance, so that the counselor can arrange dorm for you on campus. Under the guidance of the counselor, you can have your physical examination and extend your residence permit (January 21 to 27, 2023 is the Chinese Spring Festival, the medical examination center, Visa center and other departments will be off during this period).

Finally, please make sure your communication (mobile phone, email, WeChat, etc.) unblocked. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your counselor in time. At the same time, hope you will cherish the time, arrange your personal study and life reasonably, study hard, and make full use of the holiday to enrich and improve yourself. Wish you a joyful vacation!


International College

January 6, 2023


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