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Recruitment Announcement of

Northwestern Polytechnical University


Engineering (Engineering, Materials,Information, Aerospace andMarine, etc.), Natural Sciences (Mathematics,Physics, Chemistry,Life Sciences and Ecology, etc.), Life Sciences & Medicine, Social Sciences & Management, Arts & Humanities and interdisciplines (Aerospaceand Deep-seaSciences, Unmanned Systems, Flexible Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)

Recruitment Positions andTreatments

1. Chair Professor and Tenure-track Professor

Scholars should have made important achievements and been widely approved internationally.Salary and scientific research fundscan be negotiated specifically.

2. Excellent Young Talents

Applicants should have Ph.D. degrees and be under 40 years old, have great innovation ability and development potential, and achieved great academic achievement in natural sciences, engineering & technology, philosophy & social sciences, life sciences & medicine. Applicants can apply for National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists with 3 consecutive years of scientific research experience abroad.

Treatments: NPU provides510, 000- 620,000 RMBannual salary (pre-tax), 70,000 -100,000 RMB social security, 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 RMB settlement allowance (pre-tax) and 2,000,000 - 6,000,000 RMB scientific research funds with other incomes. Applicants will be appointed as professor and doctoral supervisor.

3.Young Talents

Applicants should havePhDdegrees. Applicantswho applyfor professors should be under 40 years old, associate professors should be under 35 years old,andassistantprofessors should be under 32 years old.

Treatments: NPU provides 220, 000-460,000 RMBannual salary (pre-tax), 70,000 -100,000 RMB social security, 80,000 - 300,000 RMB scientific research funds, 150,000 – 400,000 RMB settlement allowance (pre-tax) with other incomes. Applicants will be appointed as professor, associate professor or assistant professor.

Applicants can apply for NPU Aoxiang Overseas Talents with 3 consecutive years’ overseas scientific research experience to get additional allowance and scientific research funds.

4.Postdoctoral Fellow

Applicants who get a doctorate in domestic and abroad within 3 years after graduation andbeunder 35 years old can applyfora postdoctoral fellow.

Treatments:NPU provides200, 000- 290, 000RMB annual salary (pre-tax) forpostdoctoral fellow. Also,NPU provides other incomes and children’s education services for postdoctoral fellow.During the period in postdoctoral research station, the postdoctoral fellow can apply forNPU’s teaching faulty once meet the requirements. The remuneration and position of teaching faulty will be provided after the approval.

5.Research Fellow

Applicants should be under 45 yearsold.

Treatments:NPU providescompetitiveannual salary and scientific research platforms. Also, research fellows have opportunities toapply for teaching faulty and talents programs.

Additional supporting policies

TalentCultivation Programs

NPU has a series of supporting programs for young talents. All faculty members can apply for Aoxiang Talents Programs to get more scientific research funds and annual allowance. NPU provides opportunities for young talents to have an appointment in research institutes and enterprises to get more experience. Departments and schools ofNPU provides collaborative supports for young faculty. Especially, the schools provide personalized supports for research platforms, experimental facilities, enrollment quota, salary and etc.

Academic Research Atmosphere

NPU attaches great importance to talents, respects talents, cherishes talents, has built cross-school and cross-disciplinary communication platforms for young faculty. Also, NPU has established a talent evaluation system with clear guidance, scientific accuracy and competitive selection, creating a free and active academic research atmosphere and great growth environment for young faculty.

Scientific AchievementsTransformation Policies

NPU provides intellectual property funds and supporting measures for faculty members’patent applications. Most of the profits of the patent will be awarded to the patent owner. Also, the patent can be regarded as an on-duty achievement for professional titles application.

Working and Living Environment

Schools and institutes of NPU provide support for scientific research platforms, workspace, enrollment quota, and welfare. Also, NPU provides excellent education service resources for talents’children. NPU built 2campuses in Xi’an and seven innovative agencies in Shenzhen, Qingdao, Taicang, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, and Ningbo. It is available for young faculty to choose any campus and agencies to work.

NPU keeps openness and inclusiveness for talents from at home and abroad and develops talent introduction so that everyonewho joins NPUcan excel themselves.

Recruitment Positions

Detailed information and positions are listed on the recruitment web of NPU

Human Resources Department



Chair Professor

Tenure-track Professor

Excellent Young Talents

Wang Fan, Ke Wei, Yang Yan


Young Talent

Research Fellow

Xu Ziyang, Geng Ting, Cui Xiaojing



Han Yu, Xie Ning


Schools and Institutions






School of Aeronautics

Zhu Bing 029-88460479


School of Astronautics

Zheng Xin 029-88460431


School of Marine Sciences

Cheng Yu 029-88460616


School of Materials Science and Engineering

Liu Zhe 029-88492642


School of Mechanical Engineering

Zhou Sijun 029-88495297


School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture

Kong Qing 029-88431000


School of Energy and Power Engineering

Dai Yueling 029-88431103


School of Electronics and Information Technology

Hu Sihan 029-88431203


School of Automation Engineering

Wei Aiyu 029-88431382


School of Computer Science

Zhang Qian 029-88431519


School of Mathematics and Statistics

Wang Shuangyue


School of Physical Science and Technology

Ma Xiaona 029-88431652


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Xue Jiajia 029-88431656


School of Management

Wang Xiao 029-88431800


School of Public Policy and Management

Cao Guangyuan 029-88431900


School of Software

Wang Yuying 029-88431588


School of Life Sciences

Song Fei 029-88460333


School of Foreign Studies

Wang Xiaodan 029-88430908


School of Marxism

Du Yao 029-88431906


School of Microelectronics

Wang Yujiao 029-88431203


School of Cybersecurity

Wang Haihong



School of Civil Aviation

Zhang Yu 029-88460932


School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Tian Xiaomin 029-88431768


Department of Sports

Zhang Tianqing



Analytical&Testing Center

Liu Feng 029-88460747


School of Artificial Intelligence, OPtics and ElectroNics

Bian Hua 029-88495713


Center for Nano Energy Materials

Zhang Li 029-88460204



Advanced Lubrication and Sealing Materials Research Center

Liu Yujun 029-88460311


Unmanned System Research Institute

Leng Bing 029-88460895


Institute of Cultural Heritage

Wu Tianyao 029-88493532


Institute of Flexible Electronics

Liu Yue 029-88460924


Institute of Medical Research

Pei Xiaoyu 029-88460875


Institute of Extreme Mechanics

Chen Nani 029-8849314


Beijing Research Institute

Mi Xue


Collaborative Innovation Center in Shanghai

Liu Yong 021-54303008


Innovation Center of NPU in Chongqing

Dong Lu


Research & Development Institute of NPU in Shenzhen

Liu Huan 0755-26551545


Qingdao Research Institute

Huang Qianqian



Ningbo Research Institute

Cheng Xiang 0574-27965050


Yangtze River Delta Research Institute

Zhu Yingyi 0512-53331188


Art Education Center

Guo Xin 029-88430220


Mental Health Education Center

Liu Xin 029-88492518



Center for Teaching Research and Teacher Development

Song Jianjian 029-88460915


Located in the historic city of Xi'an, the cradle of Chinese civilization and terminus of the ancient Silk Road, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is a multidisciplinary, research-oriented international university, and ranks among the top universities in China., affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). NPU was one of the first universities to enter into the 211 Project in 1995 and the 985 Project in 2001. NPU adheres to the motto "Loyalty, Integrity, Courage and Perseverance" while carrying forward the spirit of“Strong Preparation, Diligent Effort, Practical Attitude, and Creative Innovation". NPU dedicated itself to national defense and wrote several“firsts”in the history of the PRC. Now NPU will continue to pioneer new pathways into the future in the process of building a world first-class university and world first-class disciplines.

Abundant DevelopingResources and DistinctDiscipline Features

NPU has more than 36,000 students and 4,300 faculties. There are 27 schools and institutions, and 21 postdoctoral research stations in NPU, with the schools of Aeronautics, Astronautics, Marine Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Power, Electronics and Information, Computer Science, and the International College, etc. For ESI International Academic Ranking, Materials Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Geosciences, and mathematics have ranked among the top 1%, and Material Science and Engineering have ranked among the top 1‰. NPU has formed a multidisciplinary system consisting of Aeronautics, Astronautics, Marine Engineering, 3M (Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanics), 3C (Computer Science, Control Science, and Communication Science), Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Ecology), Social Sciences & Management, Arts & Humanities andinterdiscipline such asAerospace and Deep-sea Sciences, Unmanned Systems, Flexible Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Great CultivationAchievements and Outstanding Contribution

NPU has cultivated a great number of patriotic and excellent students. These students take great effect in the R&D of Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Marine Sciences after graduation from NPU. There are51academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 110provincial and ministerial leaders were graduated from NPU. Many Chief Engineers of aerospace and marine science research institutes are graduated from NPU. A great number of graduates of NPU became elite and pillarsof the State.

Great Research Ability and Fruitful Scientific Achievements

NPU has a great scientific research ability and makes a great contribution to scientific development. NPU has 20 national scientific research bases and laboratories, 140 provincial and ministerial laboratories, and engineering centers. NPU has been deeply involved in the scientific research of 10 major national scientific research projects, also participated in the development of and Shenzhou spacecraft. NPU is also equipped with the only national laboratory for unmanned aerial vehicles and the national engineering center for an unmanned aerial vehicle system. In the parades of the 60th and 70th anniversary of the National Day and the 90th anniversary of the Army Day, the unmanned aerial vehicles were developed and manufactured by NPU. From 2016 to 2020, NPU has been awarded 20 prizes of National Awards and 58 first prizes at the provincial level. For the scientific research funds, NPU has received more than 17 billion, which ranks among the top universities in China. Also, NPU has done a lot of effective and fruitful workin achievement transformation,set up several enterprises in the field of additive manufacturing, ceramic composite material, high-end equipment manufacturing and intelligent underwater vehicle, which made great contribution to economic development.

Open-up Development and Coordinated Innovation

NPU focuses on developing cooperative relationships with internationalscientific research institutes all over the world. NPU has established partnerships with more than 300 international universities and institutions, among which, 58 universities rank in the top 200 of the worlds.NPU has 14 national-level International Cooperationinstitutes and invited 180 internationally well-known expert to cooperate. In 2021, NPUhas risen rapidly in QS ranking, “The Times” Ranking and U.S.News ranking.Also, NPU ranks among the 200 in the world according to the ShanghaiRanking's Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Cherishing Talents with Internationally Competitive Supports

NPU has cultivated a great number of patriotic and excellent students. These students take great effect in the R&D of Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Marine Sciences after graduation from NPU. Many Chief Engineers of aerospace and marine science research institutes are graduated from NPU. NPU makes a significant contribution to the industry. NPU has more than 800 high-level talents, and among them, there are 37 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 380 national-level talents. NPU insists on strengthening university by recruiting more talents. NPU implements the Aoxiang Talents Project, that focuses on the cultivation process from young teachers to academic leaders, and issues the Aoxiang Overseas Talents Introduction Program to attract overseas young scholars. NPU provides internationally competitive salaries for young scholars. Besides, NPU and schools will provide collaborative supports. Additionally, NPU provides excellent education service resources for talents’ children. For example, senior high school affiliated to NPU ranks among the top in China and many graduates of it entered the top universities in China and the world.

In the new stage of China's development, NPU continues to improve the ability of scientific research and innovation, aiming to cultivate talents for the state and the people. For the need for technology development, economic growth, national needs, and people’s well beings, NPU speeds up building world-class universities with Chinese characteristics through strengthening scientific research, reform, and innovation, forging ahead with united efforts, striving for excellence to make a greater contribution to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and human civilization, with a broader view, high-spirited attitude, open-mindedness, and solid work.

(This announcement will be expired after 30th, December, 2022.)


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