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Northwestern Polytechnical University Hospital, founded in 1972, is attached to the Northwestern Polytechnical University. We performs a comprehensive role in medical service, teaching, scientific research and preventive care. The hospital on Youyi campus contained Northwestern Polytechnical University community health service station, that was verified and assessed as a Grade-II Class-B Hospital in 1999 and reassessed in May 2010. Moreover, the one on Chang'an campus was verified and assessed as a Grade-I Hospital in July 2016. Both hospitals were designated for medical insurance including Shaanxi basic medical insurance for urban employees, Xi'an basic medical insurance for urban employees and Xi'an basic medical insurance for urban residents.

Northwestern Polytechnical University Hospitals have 156 employees, of which 28 were entitled with seniors, 36 mediums while 54 juniors. There are 2 PhD and 18 Masters among them. The hospital has 17 medical departments, among which dentistry, ENT, ophthalmology and gynecology are distinguished clinical departments of the hospital. There are 8 auxiliary departments and 9 administrative departments. Inpatient department possesses 110 beds in total laid in medical ward, outside (bone) ward, Chang'an Hospital comprehensive ward respectively. Two campus hospitals are equipped with laminar flow purification operating room. The hospital on Youyi Campus has 16-muti detector spiral CT, Siemens digital x-ray machine, GE color B ultrasound, Olympus automatic biochemical analyzer, V70 electronic gastroscopy and colonoscopy, ambulatory blood pressure and ECG monitor, multi-parameter monitor, breathing Machine, defibrillator, surgical microscope, anesthesia machine and other advanced medical equipment 480 (sets).

In recent years, Northwestern Polytechnical University Hospitals not only provide good health care services for many teachers, students and community residents, but participate in school health education, infectious disease prevention and control, medical emergency for major events, and other works as well. At the same time, we also won a lot of honors, referring to many doctors and nurses from different medical operation competition. Besides, the hospitals also gained collective awards from school and health sectors.

As a part of Northwestern Polytechnical University, we think that prevention and treatment are equally important. Hence, it's most concerned that the quality of medical services and cultivation of medical talents will help us serve for teachers and students better.


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