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NPU organizes colorful sports activities for students,possessing a grand General Assembly for Students' Sports and 16 Individual Athletic Associations. Each year, besides the sports cultural festival and college student's sports meet, the school also holds various sports competitions like """"""""San Hang"""""""" Cup Series of Games, and Rugby Championship etc. Meanwhile, the school has especially set up """"""""Yan Yiti P.E. Scholarship"""""""" to give award to those who excel in sports.

There are 5 high-level professional sports teams in NPU at present, namely, the Track and Field Team, the Men's Volleyball Team, the Men's Basketball Team, the Table Tennis Team, and the Badminton Team. Of all the teams, the Men's Basketball team has been a strong contingent of the CUBA teams, who has won the championship of the universities and colleges in Shaanxi Province for 16 times since 1990, and entered the semi-finals for once, and made to the final eight for 7 times, and been the champion in the Northwest Division. And the other teams have also won the championship of the universities and colleges in Shaanxi Province for many times, and some have obtained the championship or the silver medal for individual events in National College Students Meet. As a result, lots of outstanding sportsmen have been trained here in NPU.

Currently, there are 6 gymnasiums, including Aoxiang Gymnasium, a natatorium, a comprehensive training center etc., and 3 ground track fields(2 of which have bleachers),148 out-door courts for various ball games . Aoxiang Gymnasium is a large multi-purpose sports stadium with an area of 14,000 square meters and nearly 6,000 seats, which is large enough for some important matches like basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and badminton matches. Besides, Aoxiang Gymnasium has been an official site for CUBA Northwest Division, the Last-16 Match, the National College Students Badminton Championship, and CBA-CUBA Youth Basketball Dual Meet. Natatorium covers an area of 7,500 square meters with the seating capacity of nearly 1,000. And the natatorium has an indoor standard swimming pool and an out-door rowing tank, which is adequate for matches of provincial level and above.

In recent years, NPU has held friendly matches with the college students' sports delegations from America, Great Britain, Sweden, South Korea, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Welcome the teachers and students from the world to NPU.


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